New clients rely on us for the legal and commercial thinking to keep their businesses moving over, around or through obstacles. Longstanding clients trust us to make sure obstacles don't appear in the first place.

Steve Philpott, CEOBond-Eye

The door I knock on for answers
Vobis are very holistic about it, truly interested in the whole picture. They don’t just switch on and off. They’re the door I knock on to get the answers I need — if they can’t do it, they’ll introduce me to someone who can. Vobis works the issue and gets the results, and they take a much bigger and obviously genuine interest in the business and me as a person, which is something that I really noticed. I get the feeling Francis makes a lot of friends.

Marnie JonesTalent X

Solving the “Unsolvable”
Many times, Vobis has handled ‘unsolvable’ situations for me and my clients.

Andrew LongworthHome Caring Group

They get big concepts and see the angles.
Vobis has the rare ability to get big concepts quickly and see the angles, which really helps when you need a well-thought-out solution. And they can put that into a legal framework, which other firms sometimes struggle with. Also, they don’t get so buried in the details early on so that you never get momentum.

Helen GregoryGregory Jewellers

Not just a lawyer, but a friend and confidant
I see Francis as a confidant, someone I can bounce ideas off, not always just legal. I’ll call him up and pick his brain on things. He draws out the information and makes it more simple, light and digestible, giving a client the confidence to keep going forward. These days, I never really think of him as ‘the lawyer’ or ‘our lawyer’, but more like a friend.

Chad WilhelmWilhelm Integrated Solutions

Way beyond what a lawyer normally does
When I set up the business, Francis at Vobis provided excellent advice and guidance, way beyond what a lawyer normally does. Over the years, he’s evolved into a good friend and trusted confidant in commercial matters as well as legal matters.


Under four legal service areas, we provide 90 per cent of what our clients need from a lawyer and business advisor. And where we don't have the internal capability, we have a direct line to the right expert. Our ability to diagnose a situation and connect the right people is the reason our clients come to us first, no matter the area of law or business.

Whether they're running a business with 32 staff or an enterprise with 2,000 employees, our clients all need answers.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Handled expertly with an intimate understanding of the commercial imperatives, disputes are just another hurdle to overcome in normal business operations.

Corporate Commercial Advice

Corporate Commercial Advice And Documentation

Sound advice and excellent documentation promote healthy business foundations and facilitate accelerated growth.

Transactional, Property Law

Transactional, Property And Business

Successful businesses acquire and sell assets strategically to maximise then preserve returns. We advise on deals and timing, and we execute the transactions.


Ecommerce Lawyers

Build a legally sound ecommerce empire with Vobis, providing comprehensive legal advice from launch to exit. Expert in compliance, asset protection, and growth financing for ecommerce businesses


Cyber Security, Privacy and Data Protection

All businesses in the modern era transact digitally, whether it's through the exchange of vital financial information or other personal information, and a subject to data protection regulations.

Personal Attorney

Personal Attorney Services

Business-orientated individuals handle their personal affairs with the same care as their business affairs. Handling our clients personal legal affairs is a natural extension of our relationship.

Our clients will tell you they consult us on the widest imaginable breadth of matters – from acquisitions to estate law.

Our clients will tell you that we’ve brought them deals – then negotiated the terms on their behalf.


Family businesses will tell you they rely on us as an independent sounding board, capable of mediating between generations and personalities.

Every business we represent will tell you that every move we make is towards the commercial goal, not a legal “win”.

Before they found us, many of our clients had given up
looking for a law firm that practised law the way businesses need it to be practised.